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About You

My law practice is about YOU.

I serve your interests and am sensitive to fees and costs.  I am forthright and candid in telling you when I believe you can avoid spending money for legal services and government filings that will not or may marginally benefit you.

I answer many questions for my clients without charging fees, in most cases.  I do not charge for every conversation and correspondence.  My invoices disclose what I do for you, when, and applicable charges.

I promptly respond to client calls and correspondence within hours or the day I receive them, in most cases.  I know your time is valuable and that waiting long periods to hear from an attorney is not something a client should experience.

You will know about government or other communications concerning your intellectual property the day or soon after I receive them.

I send clients copies of documents I files on their behalf, usually the day of filing.

I tell you the pros and cons of your position.  And, I consider what you are doing and where you stand from many perspectives, not only the one that may seem the most favorable or worst for you.  When I feel your position is not as solid as you believe it is, I will tell you.  I am realistic and practical.

I give clients explanations for recommeded actions and potential consequences associated with taking them.  I believe clients should be informed so they can make decisions based on a good understanding of reasons for taking or not making them.

For more information contact me:

David A. Weinstein
695 South Colorado Boulevard, Suite 360
Denver, Colorado 80246


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