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I was a Legal Consultant to the Arab Republic of Egypt Trademark Office for a period beginning in August 1997 and continuing to 2006.  During that period I periodically worked in Cairo, Egypt.  Among the various services I provided were authoring a new trademark law for Egypt, training trademark examiners, and evaluating as well as making recommendations regarding Egyptian Trademark Office operations.  I authored new regulations for the trademark law and also a set of examination guidelines and training materials for trademark examiners.  In addition, my work involved creating materials and conducting  training courses for examiners that included a series of lectures over a four to six week period.  My work was done as part of the Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights in Egypt (SIPRE) , Training Intellectual Property Rights in Egypt (TIPRE), and Intellectual Property Rights  Assisance (IPRA) projects and for purposes of assisting Egypt in connection with meeting World Trade Organization TRIPS (Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property) compliance requirements.