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How To Protect Your Creative Work:  All You Need To Know About Copyright, a non- fiction reference book on copyright law; 400 pages; published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1987;  Japanese language edition published by Shoji Homu, Tokyo, Japan, 1990; 1997 revised edition published by Andrews Publications.

What’s In A Name:  How To Protect Your Business, Professional and Brand Names, a non-fiction reference book on trademark, trade and corporate name law; 300 pages; published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., October 1990

Legal Aspects Of Software, Chapter 12, Software Industry Accounting, a non-fiction reference book published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1995

Intellectual Property Principles and Practice, co-author, an Arabic language non-fiction reference book on trademark, copyright, patent, and undisclosed information law published by Nathan Associates, Inc., 2002


“A Brief Look at Trademarks,”  The Colorado Lawyer, February 1978

“Copyright Law and the Artist,” Rocky Mountain Art Show News, February 1979

“Copyright for the Artist,” Ceramics Monthly, February 1979

“A Trademark is More than a Name,” Advertising/Marketing Review, September 1979

“Searching, an Important Step in Trademark Selection,” Advertising/Marketing Review, October 1979

“Merits of Trademark Registration,” Advertising/Marketing Review, January 1980

“Copyright Owner:  Agency or Client?”  Advertising/Marketing Review, March 1980

“Music Has Charms to Soothe a Savage Beast,” Advertising/Marketing Review, April 1980

“Restaurant Names Can be Protected,” National Restaurant Association News, May 1980; Colorado-Wyoming Restaurant Association Host, May 1980

“Trademark Selection,” Case & Comment, July-August 1980

“Entertainer Names:  Think About Them in Terms of Protection,” Performance Magazine, March 1981

“What is a Name Worth?” Advertising/Marketing Review, March 1981

“Trademarks:  Do You Know What They Are And How They Can Be Protected?” Oklahoma Bar Journal, March 1981; California Bar Journal, August 1981; Arizona Bar Journal, October 1981; Texas Bar Journal, July 1982; Vermont Bar Journal, October 1982

“Business and Brand Names Are Valuable Assets Entitled To Legal Protection,” Trial Talk, May 1981

“Protection For Literary, Musical, Dramatic, Pictorial, and Other Creations,” Trial Talk, May 1981

“The Best Things in Life May Not Be Free; Let’s Talk About Music,” Denver Business World, September 1981

“Understand The Right of Publicity,” Advertising/Marketing Review, January 1984

“Legal Issues for End Users,” Pricare’s Computer Primer, Pricare, Inc., 1984

“Changes in Copyright Law Affect Everyone,” Advertising/Marketing Review; Architectural Record; The Artist’s Magazine; Authorship; Commodore Magazine; Electronic Musician; Writer’s Journal; 1989

“Visual Artists’ Rights Act,” American Artist, September 1991

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